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Our body, like a musical instrument, can sometimes go out of tune.

The Trame is a practice that will allow it to regain its initial vibration.

Principle of the Trame

The aim is to re-establish the flow of information, which can be disrupted by obstacles, most often conscious or unconscious emotions.

These obstacles can manifest themselves in the form of tension, pain, fatigue, instability, anxiety, malaise, etc.

The session helps the information to flow harmoniously through the body.

Kauri Tree, the King of the Maori forest


Releasing emotions


We experience events in our lives that are likely to generate particular emotional states, which can disorientate us and reduce our ability to make functional decisions.


We naturally have mechanisms (thermal and dynamic) such as sweat and movement that allow us to dissipate accumulated emotions.


If we dissipate the emotional surplus, the balance is preserved. However, if we are unable to express these emotions (anger, sadness, fear....), they remain "trapped", imprinted on our bodies and creating blockages that impede the harmonious and fluid circulation of information.


The Trame session does not necessarily involve reliving the emotions that caused the blockages.

How the session takes place
                            The person receiving the Trame is dressed and lying on their back.

               The practitioner places his or her hands on the person and performs a sequence of codified gestures using a subtle touch .


This sequence is in no way similar to a massage.

The emotions are gradually released, allowing a better flow of information.

After a treatment, a state of calm usually follows, allowing the session to be rebalanced and integrated.


The Trame can continue to rebalance for up to 3 weeks after a session. Trame sessions should ideally be spaced 3 or 4 weeks apart to encourage harmonious circulation and allow the body to regulate itself.


After a few sessions of Trame, the benefits commonly observed are :

  • Soothing

  • Release from emotional overload

  • Clarification

  • Ability to make choices and decisions

  • Emergence of new potential

Treatmant room

Considerations and precautions

The Trame is not a medical or paramedical approach. It is not intended to treat any disease.

The practitioner does not make any medical diagnosis or psychoanalytical or psychological interpretation.

A Trame session should never delay, replace or cancel a medical consultation.

Trame can be applied in conjunction with or as a complement to medical treatment, but in no way replaces it.

For more information, please visit the association's website:

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